The Eight of Swords

A difficult day turns into a nightmare when Jayne Patchett returns home to find her house occupied by Romanian gypsies.

The irony of the situation isn’t lost on Jayne, who works in immigration. She is used to dealing with illegal immigrants at work but when she finds them sitting at her dining room table, drinking her wine, eating her food and wearing her clothes, her reaction surprises even herself.

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I stood on the doorstep for a full ten minutes before my poor befuddled brain would take in the fact my key no longer fitted this lock. Stepping back I inspected the house to make sure that in my confused and distracted state I hadn’t mistaken someone else’s house for my own but no, the door remained red with a brass knocker in the shape of a mermaid, weeds had grown over the air vent, and rain dripped in a reluctant waterfall from the guttering. No, this was definitely my abode of the past eight years, the place I bought after my second divorce vowing I would never again share my home, my heart, my possessions with another person.


Karen J

Really enjoyed The Eight of Swords, the storyline was original and kept you guessing! Rich descriptions throughout and really quite evocative … It divides opinion too, perhaps like me you will side with the story teller and then as the story unfolds your heart leaps in-between!


I bought this review following a recommendation on twitter. The reviewer said it was a great read for the morning commute and I agree. I didn’t finish it on my way into work but by the time I got home that evening I had. I had also grown to care about Jayne, the main character, and I had mixed feelings about the Gypsies who had invaded her home. I cared about them – well, some of them – but what would I do in the same situation? A really original story and a great short read. I highly recommend this book, and the Putsi, which follows up on the story 18 years later. At this price you may as well just buy both now!

Sarah Daniels

I downloaded this to my phone- which was a bonus as i couldn’t put it down; it was engaging and made me think of what i would of done, how i would have dealt with the same situation- it was intriguing to follow
A great short story- when is the sequel?

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