The Isolation Sex Stories

“When the great Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 forced good people of the world to self isolate for months, normal behaviour became suppressed. Sexual appetites and deviation came to the fore; hours shut behind closed doors, with little but televisions and the Internet to amuse them, caused carnal and psychological desires to grow. They took shape in forms never seen before.

Perfectly upstanding members of communities, everyday folk who considered themselves straightforward in their desires, found their imaginations increasing and morphing in ways they could never have imagined before the virus struck.

With time on their hands and minds, creativity took fun, sometimes bizarre, sometimes curious, sometimes just plain weird effect. This is what happens when you shut a society away, which is used to every kind of freedom.”

These are the Isolation Sex Stories.

Twelve short stories available in paperback and ebook via – please click the Smile link and choose The Samaritans. A donation will be made with no extra charge to you.

An audio book version will be available in the near future. Please subscribe to Petra’s blog to keep updated or follow her on social media at Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

“I wrote this book in the hope it would make people smile. The COVID pandemic has brought heartache and fear to so many but as with every situation in life, there is usually a lighter side too.” Petra Kidd.

To receive a PDF version of one of the short stories from the book – The Clap – please subscribe to my blog and donate (however much you can, every £1 counts) to: GoFundMe for sufferers of Long Covid.

You will be emailed the PDF.

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