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If you love to read short stories, you’ve come to the right place.

The Isolation Sex Stories is my latest book. Twelve short stories with saucy twists – a lighter look at lockdown.

“When the great Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 forced good people of the world to self isolate for months, normal behaviour became suppressed. Sexual appetites and deviation came to the fore; hours shut behind closed doors, with little but televisions and the Internet to amuse them, caused carnal and psychological desires to grow.”

Petra Kidd’s new book of twelve short stories ‘The Isolation Sex Stories,’ is a saucy, humorous look at the impact of COVID on a population having to isolate alone, or with those they already share their lives with. An elderly lady goes on a ‘Zoom date.’ A cyclist gets taken by surprise by lockdown pleasure seekers. A lonely woman tries to attract romantic interest during the weekly clap and a young man wearing a hazmat suit, hopes to get lucky with his girlfriend…

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I realised this was a moment in history that would affect all areas of our lives, including our sexual behaviour. My imagination ran riot and I just had to write about it. I think the stories will resonate with people in a variety of ways. I tried to keep it amusing as I think we could all do with some light relief from all the difficulties and sadness COVID creates.”

Nearly ten years ago Petra began writing short stories while suffering with Pleurisy. It took her six months to recover, so she is well aware of how difficult it can be getting your life back together again after a long term illness. Through her website, readers will be able to pay to download one of the stories – The Clap – and the money will be donated to a GoFundMe page for sufferers of Long Covid.

Petra also asks readers to donate to The Samaritans, via smile.Amazon.co.uk when ordering the book. The book is available in paperback and as an ebook. An audio book version will be available soon. 

Find out how to win a free signed copy of The Isolation Sex Stories here.

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